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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Admissions

  • I’m a Sophomore/Junior/Senior in High School, can I apply?

    No high school diploma or GED? As a student in one of our eligible career pathway programs*, you’ll have the opportunity to earn your high school diploma while you complete college! Best of all, the opportunity to complete high school is available to you at no additional cost!

    *Participants must be enrolled in a FCC program. Not all programs are eligible.

  • Does you accept International Students?

    We accepts international students on a case-by-case basis. In many cases, international students cannot receive Title IV funds because of the type of visa they have. We also look at a prospective student’s entire situation from enrollment to graduation to determine if they would have a real placement opportunity depending on their immigration status after they complete their education.
  • Do I need any prerequisites to enroll?

    No, you do not need prerequisites to enroll. However, programs such as X-Ray Technician and Nursing are looked at more closely from a background standpoint.
  • How do I sign up?

    Applying is as easy as 1-2-3. You can call us at 1.866.852.7272 to speak to an Admissions Representative who can walk you through the application process, OR visit the admission page on our website at /admissions/ and follow the steps.
  • Career Services

  • The economy is really tough right now. Will your school get me a job when I finish my program?

    We cannot guarantee employment—nobody can and nobody should ever make this claim—but we do have professional Career Services staff who will work with you to prepare you for the job search. All students are invited to meet with Career Services staff throughout their time with us. The Career Center teaches students how to look for employment. Their services include:

    • Working with students to create effective, professional-looking resumes
    • Hosting job search strategy seminars on topics such as how to use social media to find jobs, understanding job titles, and how to download resumes to corporate Human Resource offices
    • Developing students’ interview skills and hosting interview practice sessions
    • Providing proactive outreach to local employers for job leads and inviting employers to the campus as guest speakers

    The Career Center is available to graduates as well for as long as they remain in their fields.

  • Externships

  • I heard we have to work in an office or clinic for free. Why?

    Students in healthcare and veterinary technology programs are placed in externships after they have successfully completed all coursework. The externships are with medical facilities  where they work with real patients under close supervision. There are no evening or part-time externships available. Externships are unpaid because they are part of the learning experience. While students are providing services, they are also receiving valuable, on-the-job practice and coaching in real-life situations. Many states require externship experience for students in healthcare fields. We have incorporated externships throughout our campuses because of the benefits they provide to students. In addition, we have seen several students receive job offers from the offices where they did their externships.
  • Financial Aid

  • Does you offer Financial Aid?

    We are committed to assisting our students in discovering ways to help them pay for their career-focused education. Our schools participate in several financial aid programs that are available to students who qualify. Each student will meet with a Financial Aid Advisor who can help you develop a financial plan, answer your questions, and guide you through the Financial Aid application process. Our Student Assistance Team is also on hand to help students make smart financial decisions while in school and after they graduate when it comes to paying off their student loans, dealing with loan servicers, and more!
  • Materials

  • How many books will I need and how much will they cost?

    This will vary by program. We will calculate your Total Program Charges up front. These charges cover the cost of tuition, books, scrubs, supplies like computer or electronics toolkits—everything you will need to complete your program.
  • Is there a dress code at school? If there is, why?

    We require students to follow a professional dress code when they are on campus. A professional appearance is necessary to keep everyone focused on learning and training for a career. In addition, we want our students to create a favorable impression of one another and of visitors to our campuses. Some visitors may be local employers who have hired our graduates and might be interested in hiring another one—maybe you! Students in health care  will receive uniform scrubs to wear on campus. Scrubs are normal attire for professionals in these fields.
  • Military Students

  • I’m in the military or a Veteran. Can I use GI Bill benefits?

    Ability to use military benefits may vary by campus. Please check with the campus financial aid department to obtain information on the VA programs the campus participates in. Eligible students can use military benefits to help cover education costs. We can work with you to identify what benefits you qualify for through your military service. In some cases, spouses and dependents can also receive military benefits. We are dedicated to preparing military students to successfully enter the workforce after they graduate and offer Active, Reserve and Veteran military personnel the opportunity to earn a quality, career-focused education in a supportive learning environment.
  • Program Information

  • How long will it take me to finish this program?

    This depends on the program you select and the type (diploma or associate degree), which affects the overall number of classes you take and the amount of time to finish the program. We are certain that you will go from learning to earning in less time than you may think!
  • How many classes do I have to take each semester?

    We do not use a semester schedule. We have sessions that last for four weeks. For most programs, students take one class per session that meets four times a week for three and half hours or more, depending on the program and whether it meets days or evenings. This lets students really focus on learning and skills development.
  • Do you really offer evening classes?

    Yes! We know that many of our students have work and family responsibilities and do our best to offer convenient class schedules. This includes evening classes for many of our programs. However, class schedule times vary by campus, so be sure to ask your Admissions Representative about the class times that are available at your campus.
  • What’s the difference between a diploma and an associate degree?

    Our diploma programs include courses that train you in the specific skills and knowledge in your chosen field. They can help you compete for entry-level positions in that field. Associate degree programs provide skills training and education like the diploma programs but also include general education courses that can help graduates advance as they gain experience in their fields. The type of associate degree earned depends on the rules in the state where a college is located. For example, some schools will award an associate of science degree, while others award an associate of applied science degree. Some states also require certain classes in all associate degree programs.
  • Do you offer re-training after graduation?

    Yes! Retraining is available to graduates for as long as they remain in their field. Please note: We cannot guarantee that a campus will continue to offer a specific program.
  • Tuition and Fees

  • How much is tuition? Are there other costs I’ll be paying during the program?

    Our tuition rates vary according to the program you choose and the campus you plan to attend. We are confident that you will find our tuition is competitive with similar schools. In addition, we will tell you the total cost for your program up front, including tuition, books, and supplies such as scrubs and toolkits. Your Admissions Representative can give you specific information on your tuition and total program cost. You will also have a chance to speak with a Financial Aid Advisor who can help you find out if you qualify fo financial aid and help you build a financial plan.
  • Are there any fees to re-enroll?

    This is determined by the original date of enrollment. Students may return to school 90 days from the original application date and their original registration fee will still stand. However, if they re-enroll after 90 days they will have to re-pay the application fee
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