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Recent High School Graduates Need Life and Career Skills

Recent high school students understand and appreciate the benefits of a college degree, but many also say they wish they had some kind of career preparation.

The College Board, a nonprofit group that created and administers the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), surveyed 2010 high school graduates one year after graduation. The students included those attending two- and four-year colleges, a trade school or one that provides specific training, and those who did not pursue either.

From this group of 1,507 graduates, slightly less than half felt that high school prepared them for the working world 0r for college. Almost one-quarter said high school should have done a better job preparing them for work or college. Just 18% felt prepared for college once they landed there. Only nine percent felt their high school prepared them for the workplace.

Twenty-five percent of the survey group who attended a two- or four-year college said they had to take a non-credit or remedial class. And only 33% of those who went to work found what they considered to be a good job. More than twenty percent looked for a job but didn’t find one. The plurality, 36%, said they had a job but didn’t consider it to be a good one.

Where did students find gaps in their high school education?

  • Teaching basic financial skills such as budgeting (52%)
  • Helping identify the best college or training program for them (48%)
  • Show how school work connected to post-high school goals (45%)
  • Preparation for the working world, including how to write a resume and interview (44%)
  • Teaching good study habits  (43%)

Many of the items on this list are taught at several career schools and colleges, including several Anthem Education schools.

Anthem’s admissions staff are expert in helping students, including new high school graduates, identify the field of study that matches their interests and abilities. Many students continue to comment, months into their programs and even after graduation, how helpful the admissions representative was who took their first call to the school.

Furthermore, every course taught at an Anthem Education school directly relates to careers. Our programs are carefully designed to meet or even exceed employers’ expectations for entry-level staff. Students learn skills hands-on in labs and on equipment they will use in the workplace. Coursework is taught by professionals from the field, who also supervise lab work.

In addition, all Anthem Education schools have a Career Services staff on campus who teach students how to get a job. They show them how to create an effective resume, how to interview, even how to dress and behave at work. And many of our colleges include a life skills class that teaches skills such as time and money management.

It’s encouraging to read  86% of high school graduates believe that getting a college degree is “definitely worth it.” That number reaches 76% of students who did not attend college or a training program right away.

If you are a recent high school graduate looking for a career direction, or if you’re thinking about retraining for a new career, consider Anthem Education. Our schools and colleges offer a supportive environment that includes Career Services, and tutoring if needed. A Student Services Department can help you get the assistance you need to stay in school, from referrals for childcare to part-time work or transportation vouchers.

To learn more, please call us at 866-502-2627, or text us “more” to 480-3828-EDU. You can also visit our website to chat with an admissions representative.

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