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The Limited Scope X-RAY Technician

Diploma Program

12 Months

The Limited Scope X-ray Technician plays an important role as a member of the health care team in a Physician office or clinic. Theory and practical application in the fundamentals of anatomy and physiology are taught as well as an introduction to specific disease processes and trauma which affect the various body systems, with emphasis placed on the respiratory and skeletal systems. Students are certified to perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and HIPAA Certified. The responsibilities of an Limited Scope X-ray Technician may include: Radiographic positioning of the Chest, Upper and lower Extremity, Spine, Skull, Facial Bones, and Paranasal Sinuses. Students are also taught back office skills such as venipuncture, medication administration, injections, electrocardiography, certain CLIA waived labs, Digital Image processing and X‐ray film processing.
Gainful Employment Disclosure

Concentration Courses Credits
AH1020 Electrocardiography and Diagnostic Imaging 4.0
AH1100 Medical Front Office Procedures 4.0
XR1120 Medical Lab Procedures 3.0
XR1140 Radiographic Anatomy and Positioning – Upper Extremity 3.0
XR1150 Radiographic Anatomy and Positioning – Lower Extremity 3.0
XR1210 Radiation Biology and Protection 5.0
XR1220 Radiographic Anatomy and Positioning – Chest & Skull 3.0
XR1230 Radiographic Anatomy and Positioning – Spine 3.0
XR1240 Radiographic Image Acquisition and Evaluation 5.0
XR1250 Radiographic Image Evaluation and Licensure Prep 4.0
XR2050 Externship 6.0


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