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Top Ten Reasons to Attend Florida Career College School

We can’t promise you an appearance on Late Night, but we can give ten great reasons to consider attending Florida Career College.

We’ve got your back! Our graduates get services like refresher courses, skills updates, and help with job placement at no charge as long as they remain in their fields.

We’ll help you discover ways to pay for school—grants, scholarships, financial aid. Plus, your total program cost covers your tuition, books, and supplies.

We’ve been in the community since 1982 and are focused on helping our students acheive success.  We are “The College That Cares” and we mean it!

 You’ll learn in classrooms and labs designed to replicate a real-world work environment.

Our Career Centers offer―resume development, interview skills and practice, and job search strategies.

For your convenience, all of our programs are offered during the day and evening hours. This makes it easy to fit your training into any life-style schedule. *

Most of our programs run one-class-at-a-time so you can really focus and learn. (And still have time for a life outside school!)

Location, location, location! We offer 11 campuses in Florida that can give you the flexibility you want and need.

Instructors with moxie! (experienced professionals with a passion for teaching.)

And the Number One Reason to Attend Our College:

You Can Go From Learning to Earning Sooner Than You May Think!


* Flexible schedules available at most but not all campuses. Please check with your campus admissions advisor for details.

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