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Veterinary Technician Programs

Veterinary Technicians are key members of any veterinary practice.

The Veterinary Technician program offered by Anthem Education colleges use a career-focused approach to prepare students for entry-level positions as veterinary technicians.

Learn Comprehensive Vet Tech Skills

Students in the Veterinary Technology program are taught the basics of animal physiology and medicine, as well as nursing, disease management, and laboratory skills.  Coursework includes study of exotic animals, animal nutrition, and parasitology.

Students who graduate from the Veterinary Technology program are candidates for entry-level positions in veterinary practices and hospitals, humane societies, animal shelters, and animal research facilities.

Love Animals?

Most of us do! But is it just your pets or animals in general? If you’re a tactical animal lover, you have the right stuff to consider a veterinary technician career.

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