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Subjects Covered in a Radiology Technician Program

Programs that prepare students to work in an x-ray environment have a strong focus on anatomy, patient care, and radiation safety.

Several Florida Career College locations offer diplomas and/or associate degrees for persons interested in the radiology field in a limited scope technician capacity (actual job and degree titles vary among states). Coursework covers anatomy of the extremities and proper positioning for x-raying each area. Students are taught x-ray film development and clinical procedures including collecting and processing blood specimens and injection techniques. They also earn CPR certification.

Associate degree candidates take additional courses in humanities that give them a framework for longer-term employment and advancement opportunities.  They take courses in communications, including composition, psychology, computer applications and healthcare compliance.

A career success course teaches them skills that can help boost their academic and career success, including financial and time management.

All students are required to complete an Externship after successfully completing coursework. Externships are with radiology facilities under close supervision of a physician or licensed radiology technologist. Students in Minnesota are required to pass a professional radiology exam before they can begin their Externships. Students in all our school locations (Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Minnesota, and Tennessee) are required to receive certification before they begin any kind of employment as a limited scope x-ray technician.

Learn more about the Limited Scope X-ray/Basic X-ray Machine Operator/Practical Technologist in Radiology training programs. Call us at 1.866.502.2627 or visit our program page.

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